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our mentors

Alan Gregerman

Dr. Alan S. Gregerman is President and Chief Innovation Officer of VENTURE WORKS Inc., a consulting firm based in the Washington, D.C. area that helps leading companies and organizations to develop winning strategies and create successful new products, services, ventures, customer experiences and ways of doing business.

Sonali Tipre

Sonali Tipre is the Director of a business & financial consulting firm  Margin’sview Consultancy Private Limited. The firm provides expertise driven consulting in  finance & profits. It is a fast growing firm and known in its clientele for sincere approach, bias to implementation & dynamism.

GN Gupta

Mr GN Gupta is our senior citizen. He is the most active octogenarian we know.

Mr Gupta was the chairman of the Central Board of Direct Taxes in India and he continues to have a thriving practice which he keeps pursuing.

He is also an impeccable gentleman always dressed appropriately with a suit and tie.

KD Pudumjee

Mr Pudumjee is one of the most inquisitive minds you will ever meet. He is our guiding light.

Mr Pudumjee owned and built Pudumjee Pulp and Paper Mills in Pune, India. Pudumjee mills became the frontrunner for specialty paper in the country and brought in numerous path breaking technologies and developments. Mr Pudumjee was in the forefront of the growth. He is well known as a maverick and is extremely particular about details. We say in the board that nothing escapes KDP he keeps us on track.