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Our business measures its success every day by how we are reducing our environmental impact.

We know that industry inherently pollutes. However, we do our best to not only meet the regulations demanded by law but also go far beyond to meet our own high demands for environmental stewardship.

Our Investment in Chemical Recovery

Yash Papers is now the smallest paper company in the world to have a conventional chemical recovery system. Ninety-five percent of all cooking chemicals used are recovered in our process-- above every other agri-based paper company in India. While installing the system was a serious capital investment for the company and not one required by the government environmental standards, we felt it was necessary to live by our sustainability values. 

Our Sustainable Raw Material

Right now we use 90% agricultural refuse for our raw material and only use 10% market pulp. However, we started a plantation company to start growing trees seven years ago. We are now responsible for fueling the planting of over 2 million trees a year. At this time, we don't cut any of them for our use. We are the only company to plant and not cut-- but we see this as a necessary investment in the future as a safeguard against raw material and fuel availability. In addition, this plantation company has two outputs-- the farmers have increased income and the landscape is now significantly greened. The tree we plant currently is a eucalyptus clone-- not the mono culture eucalyptus that is known for eliminating the water table and being environmentally detrimental. Our goal is 10 million trees a year.

Our Carbon Footprint

We create all of our electricity from agricultural waste-- biomass with rice husks. We have enough electricity generated to manage our entire operations and spare. For this effort, we have an arrangement with the Belgian government for our carbon credits. 

Research and Ongoing Efforts

We actively work on solutions from our waste products that are created from our process.  We are working now on how to create value from rice husk ash, lime sludge, and effluent. As a company we invest significantly in our own R&D on these fronts.

We understand that sustainable business must consider the needs of the planet. 

What does this mean for you?  Not only is the paper you get from us a high quality product, you can also be comfortable that your paper needs are causing the minimum damage to the earth.