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At the end of the day, to be a sustainable business, you have to make profits to stay in business.
No business can be sustainable unless it makes profits to stay in business. Plus, we care about treating our shareholders honorably for the trust they have given us.  Our goal is to meet benchmarked industry standard returns.  In 2012, we garnered some capital investment to rectify some machinery issues that were deterring our profit margin. With this investment, we feel we are well situated to cross the previous hurdles. The growth we have already experienced in 2013 is pointing that direction. 
However, performance is also not just measured by profit. Performance is also measured by quality, innovation, and team and individual development. We value growth and have consistently ensured there is year on year growth.
We also invest heavily in innovation.  We work with innovators around the world to prepare for longterm sustainability in our industry by offering new products. We feel this investment will keep us competitive now and ensure we have profits in the longer term.

We believe in long term investment

We do not speculate. Building business is not for the quarter or year. We invest for the long term. Each action in the company is taken considering long term impacts. We believe organizations must be built for and over generations. Many of our investments have been made with this in mind. We set a cogeneration facility in 1996. It was a time when such investments were unheard of in our size of the industry, however, we saw the impending danger from the lack of availability of power and the investment made sure the company survived many downturns. We installed a conventional chemical recovery which was the single largest investment we had ever done. The same was unheard of in our size of paper industry. Again there was much skepticism by the industry and the same today holds us in good stead.

We are in the process of building a strong organization

We focus on numerous aspects of business as we go about building a strong organisaiton. Most of all the focus is on the customer and the market. We concentrate on niches and we work on understanding the nuances that may be needed to cater to the market. We focus on our key customers and work on providing them with superlative services and products.
We work on building a strong culture and team. We look after each team member right from the time they are with us. We work on nurturing careers and towards creating an environment that brings out the best in people.
We concentrate on understanding and working towards improved productivity levels. We benchmark with the best and our teams learn continuously to ensure we consistently reach a higher standard.
We build strong partnerships with our associates- be it vendors, service providers or contractors. We are proud to witness a long term association with all.

We believe in taking risks

We have invested and grown over 4 times in the last five years. When we spoke of our dreams to our investors a few years back there was skepticism. However, our conviction convinced them and we found investment. We were unable to perform to the levels we had assured initially but investors have continued to bestow their faith in us as we have turned the company around and slowly become profitable. We shall continue to dream and work towards the vision that we set for the future.

We believe in taking lessons from our mistakes

We believe it is important to fail and learn from our failures. Fear disables our creativity. We create an environment that enables growth for each individual towards reaching a higher purpose.

We work in teams

We are amply clear about the wisdom of groups and have witnessed the same on numerous occasions. We work towards utilizing the talents of our team members and work in cross functional and focused groups for the same.

We do not believe in business as usual

We believe in swimming against the current. We believe in being unusual. We believe in sieving through the fluff and understanding what really matters. We work on understanding what matters and focus on the same. We innovate in all areas. We find better ways of doing things whatever our function may be.

We Perform.

We do not get cowed down by adversities. We do our best and not give in any circumstance. We love challenges and let our performance speak for itself.