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At Yash Pakka we care about all people we connect with.

We actively care for both about the people who are on our teams and the community surrounding us.

In the past we have built schools, constructed playgrounds, supplied temporary housing during flooding, and donated the only ambulance in town. We also actively contribute to the arts of the community. 

Caring for team member growth

 Every member of the Yash Pakka team who has been with us for three years is a shareholder in the company.  We feel people should benefit from their own hard work. We also provide robust paths for employee development. One of our values is "continuous learning and growth" and we actively and intentionally structure our company to provide avenues for employees to constantly develop in their roles. Every employee has participated in financial literacy training so they understand how their exact role impacts the profitability of the company and hence their own ability to earn.

Caring for team member's families

However, our relationship is much deeper than just a shareholder. As the Yash family we try and assist on the care of our members' health, families, and social needs. In 2012 we started a health clinic with reduced rates for all Yash employees and began a cultural lecture series.  All managers' children are guaranteed slots in the best education institution in town and we also subsidize tuition by half. We also run schools for factory children onsite and subsidize the cost of the schools. We maintain a Family Needs Fund to help support people in their time of need with marriages, family emergencies, and health issues.

Caring for our community

We have also reached out to the communities surrounding us. The same health clinic we provide for employees is open to service the surrounding communities. We help bring cultural programs to our community.  In 2012 we had a blanket drive for widows, supported social messaging street plays for surrounding villages, and donated staff time to our village charity.

Our KK Charitable Foundation has three aims: Education, Sanitation and Employment.

We have a large commitment towards education. We run two educational institutions in the plant vicinity – Yash Technical Institute, which is a vocational training centre, and Yash Vidya Mandir, a school for the children of factory workers and the village children in the area. These organizations are under the umbrella of  Jingle Bell Nursery School Society, a sister concern, which imparts education in two schools in Faizabad City and also runs a Polytechnic in the city.

A large movement that we have undertaken is to provide quality education training for improvement in the learning levels of villages. We encourage educated youth to participate in the teachers training programmes developed by us, and provided free of charge. The trained teachers are then encouraged to return to their villages and impart education.

We have built many toilets in individual houses in our surrounding villages. Our aim is to build 10,000 toilets in our surrounding areas by the year 2020.

Our third area of concern is employment, and we run many training programs to enable self employment and entrepreneurship skills in the poor communities around us. We are also running many training programs for villagers, like a sewing workshop for village women, where we impart training to them, and then provide work to them as well after the completion of the training program.

As part of our community responsibility, we reinforced rural infrastructure – roads, wells, lighting arrangements and medical camps.We are also initiating large-scale plantation programs to promote farm forestry, which would result in a win-win situation for future pulp needs of the Company and income for the local farmers.

We truly work for people

In addition, we care for our dealers and our customers.  Try calling us and see if we aren't the happy call of the day!