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White Poster grade paper with excellent quality suitable for different application ranges from food to industrial packing.

  • EPB (Enviro Pouch Base)
  • PRB (Poster Release Base)
  • PBB (Poster Bakery Bag)
  • SWP(Super Wrapping Poster)
  • NSP (Natural Shade Poster)
  • PCB (Poster Chromo Base)
  • SEP (Super Eco Poster)

Product Specifications


Brown paper with good strength used primarily for making grocery bags & other industrial application.

  • KBP (Kraft Bag Plain)
  • KAS (Kraft Antirust Special)
  • DGP(Deluxe Glass Plain)
  • SDP(Super Deluxe Plain)
  • DEP(Deluxe Plain)
  • DER(Deluxe Ribbed)
  • KGT(Kraft Gum Tape)

Product Specification


Highly customised product recommended for fruit wrapping & for other stationery products.

  • BBP (Brown Bag Plain)
  • BBR (Brown Bag Ribbed)
  • POR (Poster Orange Ribbed)
  • GSR (Golden Super Deluxe Ribbed)
  • GDP (Golden Deluxe Plain)
  • GDR (Golden Deluxe Ribbed)
  • PYR (Poster Yellow Ribbed)

Product Specification