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our values

our values

Our values provide us with an internal compass in all our decisions. They guide us when we are at cross roads. They enable us to continue working on building the culture that we aspire towards.

The set of values listed below were created with the entire organizations participation. Each person contributed to what they felt the organization stood for. The suggestions were assimilated and filtered to reach the final set of five that are listed below. We assure that you shall find the same across our DNA as you work with us.


We are committed to building trust and mutual respect in all our relationships - with team members, customers, the community, the environment and all of our partners.

Continuous learning and improvement

We shall consistently strive to improve our technical, managerial and spritual knowledge.

Joy at work

Co-operation Achieving targets Beautiful workplace Challenging work Encouragement Customer satisfaction  Freedom of thoughts & decisions Transparency Entertainment Simplicity Recognition for excellence Creativity and innovation.


We shall create an environment of 'no fear' in persuit of self and company's development.

Team work

We are committed to teamwork, collaboration, sharing knoweldge, and the real wisdom of groups.