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our values

our values

Core values are really the essence of the company’s identity - principles, beliefs, and philosophies. It helps in decision-making and also helps to shape the culture of the organization. They are a guiding force to build an organization in the right direction.

Our organization has taken a big shift from being a pulp and paper company to now being a pioneer in sustainable packaging. With this and us now becoming truly global, there has been an evolution in the way we work, collaborate, or even recruit new people. 


1. Earth Love

Our actions are determined by our love for Mother Earth

2. Trust

We build Trust with radical Transparency and Honesty

3. Courage

We speak our minds and work with Courage towards Freedom and Responsibility

4. Excellence

We consistently learn and build our competency to strive for Excellence

5. Diversity

Different is beautiful. We embrace and encourage Diversity.