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Our Brand - CHUK

Our Brand - CHUK

CHUK is our range of compostable packaging tableware that is safe to eat from and 100% biodegradable. The brand aligns with our philosophy of a sense of purpose for leaving the planet better than it was found through our actions, and for our customers to have a fun and playful experience with our products. We want our partners – foodservice outlets and food packaging companies, and their customers to have a memorable and guilt-free experience without the worry of creating a mess before, during or after the meal.


We chose "CHUK" because the meaning of the word represents all the elements we believe and want to share with our customers, our people, our products, and our organization. Here some the various meanings of the word

A positive twist to the English word
to throw "safely"

A appetite-enticing word in Hindi-
"to taste" food or beverage

A unit of land measurement in Hindi-
signifying the value of nature

A popular word in a Punjabi phrase-
"to lift" the quality of our environment

A motivational word in Marathi-
"to sacrifice" for a good cause